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My name is Stefanie, and I have had a lifelong love affair with photography. One of my earliest memories was playing with an old Poloroid Swinger Model 20 at my Grandparents house. My obsession with photography became a passion at the end of high school, using my Canon Max SureShot point and shoot camera my late mother had used. At the end of highschool, I took photos for the yearbook. When I entered college and taking something that was not photography, I ended up spending more time in the campus darkroom on my spares. It provided me with more opportunities to shoot and learn the art of developing film. I wanted to incorporate my other life long love, music into the mix. In an attemt to bring the two together, I started taking photos for bands who needed live shots and it grew to other adventures from there.

My loves started to entwine, and event photography became one of my greatest joys to do in Photography business. I was able to attain a diploma in Photography prior to having my daughter, Ryleigh. After having Ryleigh, it gave me more opportunities to develop my portrait photography experience. The Corporate life took over, and so did my time. I did brief shoots for social media for my employer, took some photos for newsworthy events such as Jack Layton’s Memorial at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Occupy Toronto, Accidents/Breaking News in the Durham Region to name a few.

I started to do photography for myself, to enjoy doing it again. To do honour this, I have entered my photos in gallery exhibitions and selling off my favourites.

Eventually, I needed an outlet somehow to funnel my creativity through. I had always worked in the Web Hosting industry and eventually got into Domains game at one point. I have done quite a few Websites for various clients and I continue to build websites for clients.

I want to show the world through my eyes. Enjoy!


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My Happy Place
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